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“Train your dog with the pros that train real working dogs”

The search for a dog obedience trainer is a difficult task for any pet owner.

Experience, knowledge and knowing how to deliver results separates the best from the rest. A good obedience trainer must be a good teacher of dogs and their owners. A dog owner wanting obedience must be a good leader. Learning to be fun, fair and firm as needed are qualities of a good leader. The IronHeart Training Center has been providing quality dog obedience training to the greater Kansas City area for 30 years.
The search for a protection dog trainer is without a doubt one of the most difficult tasks any pet owner can make. So many trainers or websites touting bold learning concepts with distorted scientific facts and opinions. So many trainers with little to no real world experience.

“The dogs we train for law enforcement must have the finest obedience to work properly. Those same methods can train you and your dog too”

The trainers at IronHeart have been training working dogs, most notably Police Service Dogs for Law Enforcement for 30 years. Our trainers also love dogs and combine all of the no non-sense Golden Rules of obedience to protect dog owners the same as the dogs working in law enforcement.

“The dogs we train for law enforcement must have the finest obedience to work properly. Those same methods can train you and your dog too”

Our protection dog training is derived from the same principles we use to train police dogs. Our goal is a dog that will react appropriately and effectively when needed to protect you or your family. We can develop young dogs or form a plan to graduate your dog to the next level. We use realistic protection dog training objectives. A quality protection dog should engage in muzzle and be willing to engage an aggressor anywhere on the body. We will go out of our way to avoid fixation on equipment and dogs that underperform when called upon.

30 Years of Dog Training Experiance

A good trainer should draw from many years of experience working with police and executive protection dogs. A good trainer knows what is needed to perform properly when push comes to shove. A good trainer that cares about dogs will also protect the dog from forcing aggression that may not be natural to the dog. There is a difference between extracting and bringing out drive and forcing a scared dog to react out of survival. The staff at Iron Heart will not employ those methods. We will only use methods known to extract the drive from a willing participant.

The bottom line is training that

There simply does not exist one way to train dogs. What works for one may be a disaster for another. A good trainer with a world of experience can identify the proper course of action to attain the desired results for a particular dog and problem.

“We also offer finished Executive Protection Dogs for those who want a finished, reliable dog”

Protection Dog Training Kansas City

Finding the perfect protection dog is like finding a needle in a haystack. The combination of quality social skills, good house manners, proper drive and intensity, and good environmental confidence is really difficult to find. Many protection dog sellers and trainers will tout greatness merely by demonstrating a dog exhibiting bite work or aggression on a hard sleeve worn on the arm. Buyer beware! There are many good tests to ensure a properly working protection dog and that is NOT one of them. A dog reacting out of “prey” will show well on a hidden sleeve, but not good at all when confronted with a perceived threat.
A good dog should be bold and confident when faced with a threat. The dog will stand its ground and not retreat, especially not retreat behind the handler or owner. Many tests can be done to ensure a dog is suitable for protection dog training. A good trainer should be able to offer assistance in your quest for a good protection dog.

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