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"The entire staff at IronHeart takes great pride in the training and care of all the dogs in their care. The staff also pride themselves in always providing the finest customer satisfaction."

Matt Skogen - Owner, Director of Training

Matt Skogen holds a distinguished record of success. He has trained hundreds of police dogs for numerous law enforcement agencies. Skogen has also trained many dogs for the pest control industry and the private sector. Matt utilizes his 30 years of canine training experience to provide quality training to pet owners from a working dog perspective. Now retired from mainstream law enforcement, Matt continues to put his many years of experience to good use while working with the general public. He provides a training approach that he knows has served him well. Skogen has been featured in Police K9 Magazine and recognized as a Master Trainer by the North American Police Work Dog Association. Matt served as a handler and trainer for the Overland Park Police Department. He had oversight and responsibility for patrol, drug and explosives detector dogs. Matt has served as a trainer for many State , local and Federal canine programs. He also serves as the Director of Training for the IronHeart Training Center.

"There exists many different philosophies and methodologies for dog training, but Skogen adheres to the Golden Rules of dog training and utilizes an approach that is simple to understand and yields the best results."

I'm a business owner. My company has the best ratings in my state. I believe in reviews and I wouldn't write one for any reason. Iron Heart makes you feel like family. There was a learning curve but I learned a lot never the less. Now, the product that they produce is very impressive. There was a 15 year stretch when I raised pitbulls. I had 36 grown dogs at once. Sold them all around the country. So I feel that my opinion counts. My wife worked for a vet for nine years. So when I say the product, I know what I'm talking about. The drive of these dogs are like a top, and rare pit bull bloodline. Although a pit can't compare to the hunt you'll get from Iron Hearts dogs. I'm truly amazed at the nose and hunt within their dogs. You only live once. Dont pass up the opportunity to own one of these dogs.

thumb armor Smith
August 19, 2019

Matt and his staff at Iron Heart Dogs are top notch. My department and I are very satisfied with K-9 Krash and he has been very successful in our first year together.

thumb JD Garton
August 19, 2020

I've had a wonderful experience with Iron Heart. I got my bed bug detection dog from here and we have been making a living in the inspection business since. The Owner Matt and his top Trainer Malissa taught me how to maintain my dog's scent skills and how to work in the field. I am anxious to grow my business by returning to Iron Heart to add another dog to my Team. Everything about this operation is top shelf. Highly recommend.

thumb Linda G
April 19, 2022
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