Dog Obedience Training

“Train your dog with the pros who train real working dogs”

The search for a dog obedience trainer is a difficult task for any pet owner. Experience, knowledge and knowing how to deliver results separates the best from the rest. A good obedience trainer must be a good teacher of dogs and their owners. A dog owner wanting obedience must be a good leader. Learning to be fun, fair and firm as needed are qualities of a good leader. The IronHeart Training Center has been providing quality dog obedience training to the greater Kansas City area for 30 years.

The trainers at IronHeart have been training working dogs for 30 years. Our obedience trainers always strive for results. They combine all of the no non-sense “Golden Rules” of obedience to pet owners the same as dogs working in law enforcement.

“A good dog obedience trainer should draw from many years of experience. They should be good with high to low energy dogs and everything in between.”

Good dog obedience training delivers results while maintaining a happy dog! Quality dog training should include methods that illustrate what it is we want the dog to do, while also building leadership skills in the owner and immediate compliance and structure within the “team”. A consultation is conducted with the owner and a course of action is prescribed.

“Good dog obedience training should deliver results”

There simply does not exist one way to train dogs. What works for one may be a disaster for another. A good trainer with a world of experience can identify the proper course of action to attain the desired results for a particular dog and problem.

Dog Obedience Training Options

Private Lessons

Board & Train Obedience Packages


The Gold Obedience Package consists of two or four weeks of advanced obedience training to include structure in the home. 

This option includes:

  • Pick up and drop off at the owner’s home
  • Unlimited follow-up sessions at the training facility for one year
  • Two follow-up in-home sessions to be sure the obedience is progressing as it should. 
  • The dog will stay in a home environment and not to be in a dog kennel.

This option is perfect for dogs who become stressed in the kennel environment. Customers like this program for this reason. 

At the conclusion of this training, we make sure your dog is bathed and smelling fresh for their return home. 

Please note the pick-up and drop-off could cost more depending on distance. 


The Silver Obedience Package consists of two or four weeks of advanced obedience training to include structure building in the home. 

This option is limited to pick-up and drop-off at the training center. 

Two follow-up sessions at the training center are included with this package. 

The dog will stay in the home environment and will not stay in a kennel. 

We will work with the customer to customize this program. 


The Bronze Obedience Package consists of two or four weeks of advanced obedience training at the training center.

Your dog will stay in the kennel with extra walks throughout the day. 

This package requires the owner to drop-off and pick-up and includes two follow-up visits at the training center. 

The staff at IronHeart offer private dog obedience sessions. We can schedule lessons at our training facility or in your home. Please call us at 913-962-1455 to discuss any of our dog obedience training options. Our main training facility is located near Ottawa, Kansas, however we have various dog training options within the Kansas City metro area.

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