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Kansas City dog obedience and protection dog training

Now you can have your dog training done by the same professionals who train the major league dogs of the world.

The staff at IronHeart believe wholeheartedly that a happy dog is much more susceptible to learning. For this reason, we go out of our way to maintain good balance and ensure the dog is enjoying the obedience process. We have perfected varying methods for the varying personalities that exist in dogs and people. We are not a one size fits all type of training facility. Having said that, we do believe in quality results. Depending on the problems or behaviors encountered we will suggest the most appropriate methods of training. Everything will be very transparent and discussed prior to implementation.

Whether it is dog obedience training or protection dog training, the staff at IronHeart will find a program suitable for you. We offer many packages for obedience and protection dog training. Everything from one on one, to board and train packages are offered.

"You must have excellent obedience to have an excellent protection dog"

IronHeart prides itself in being much more affordable than many companies offering the same training. We offer instruction of the highest caliber while also offering fair pricing. It is not our intent to gouge the consumer, but to provide a fair price for honest, hard work.

After spending 30 years training police and personal protection dogs, we are now offering this same obedience and protection training to the public on a broader scale. We are located near Ottawa, Kansas, but we do have packages that include training at your home or pick up and drop off services for some board and train packages.

The search for a legitimate dog training program can be difficult. It is our intention to make that decision easy. We do not believe in blowing air hot around and speaking in circles when instructing obedience or protection training. We produce results.

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If I could give a 10 star they really deserve it. I worked in the veterinary field for 9 years and learned more on my first training day at their awesome facility. Not only am I amazed at my dog but at the training she received. I had to be trained for her. I would definitely not look any farther for the perfectly trained dog!

thumb Christina Lang
August 19, 2019

I can not give this man enough credit. He is just absolutely an amazing guy.. when he means he will be with you every step of the way for life. HE MEANS IT. If ur looking for a good quality dog or trainer I suggest him. He is very honest and up front..

thumb Nicole bland
January 19, 2022

I'm so grateful to Matt with his help with our Brendoodle. I have always had dogs and never had an issue with training them until her. We too her to two sections and saw an improvement but then had to be out of town for a week so Matt boarder trained her. We cam home to a new dog. She comes when we call her and follows all command. The best part she is still a fun loving puppy. He trained her with love along with disabled so she is very lovable and well mannered. Thank you so much Matt. Not sure I would have got the same results with any other trainer.

thumb Vickie Ulrich
August 17, 2022

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